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Role: Shop Manager

Length of service: Completing 1 year on the 11/7/13 and currently on the second contract with HB
Previous Roles: Started as a Bar waiter/ Bartender back home long time ago and move to the retail when I turned 24 years. Worked as Sales Assistant, Watch/Jewellery Specialist, Ops.Specialist and Assistant Manager.

What brought you to sea? – Initially it was the thought of the travelling and earning a good pay-check. Later on, I’ve realised that would like to be challenged and developed, so started to take different roles within the retail department, which led me to the current position and the reason to stay on board.

What is your favourite part of the job (aside from travelling)? The everyday challenges that I meet, meeting the expectations, analysing our business……in few words, owning my role as a Shop Manager

What is the most challenging part of the job? The area I enjoy the least is the paperwork.  It’s important to keep on top of the admin side but I rather be out on the shop floor!

What is your favourite promotion/shop event? Most of the promotional events make me excited; I like being on the floor and driving sales. But, if I have to choose I would go for the Watches or the Leather Bags Sale

What advice would you give to anyone joining Harding Retail? Capture the moment

3 words to describe your life at sea Career, Money and the World

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